• Euan Ramsey-Stewart

Who said 'leopards can't change their spots'? Mosaic IT is changing...

Mosaic IT has been around for over 20 years providing 'Specialised and Tailored " IT support and Managed IT services to many small and large Australian companies as well as individual support for sole traders and Non - profit organisations.

In 2007 after the Millennium bug faded and the Dot com boom had died down, Managing Director David Macmillan, decided to revamp his organisation's image and hence the Mosaic Tile was created. Initially this was designed in three colours, The Mosaic Blue we all know and recognise, but it was also created in red and green, symbolising the RGB (Red, Green,Blue) colour spectrum that computer monitors use.

2007 Design Mosaic IT Logos; Red, green. Blue
Mosaic IT Logo's from 2007.(RGB)

Over 12 years the Blue became the dominant colour and the other colours faded away, leaving in late 2018, just the familiar Mosaic IT Blue as the go to logo for all documentation and branding.

The IT world and the services and products provided has shifted and grown immeasurably in the last 12 years and the old faithful Mosaic IT logo just did nto seems to reflect the change in times and technologies. A redesign and business re think was in order.

Along came designer Euan Ramsey-Stewart from RSID to help David and the team revamp their image and modernise many processes.

New 2019 Mosaic It logo
The new 2019 Mosaic IT corporate logo/brand

What has resulted is a rethink or the company's core values and services and a fresh look at how they do business. this has been reflected in the new logo. While new it retains some of the original elements that made Mosaic It who they are today. the font is the same and the tile has been retained, bu they have also been altered to reflect the change in the business processes and view.

The clean fresh and minimalist look reflects the new business pathways that Mosiac IT is exploring. What is also interesting is the reuse of the original RGB colour palette reflecting the different core aspects of the new business model.


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