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Creating innovative and tailored IT solutions
for over 22 years

Mosaic IT has been creating IT solutions for over 21 years. We are a passionate team with over 50 years of combined knowledge and a wealth of experience solving complex problems and creating IT solutions over a great range of different and diverse business environments. 


We design effective and creative solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. We understand how best to help ease stressful situations surrounding technology in your business environment.

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We are friendly, approachable people who enjoy making business easy and efficient. We are dedicated to ensuring you have all the right tools and processes in place to remain focused on what matters most to you.


With our knowledge, experience and our expertise, we will design and optimise the best holistic IT solution for your business.


Contact us today to find out how... 

Meet the Team



Managing Director

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Business Analyst


Senior Network Engineer

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Client Support & Network Engineer

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Lead | Accessibility, Sustainability & Design


Client Support & Network Engineer

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